What's new in HIGHSCORE.domains?

By rinas

Sharing what we are building, new feature announcements, and other updates about HIGHSCORE.domains

Sharing what we are building, new feature announcements, and other updates about HIGHSCORE.domains

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A clear new beginning - Issue #6

Happy New Year everyone! It's been a while I wrote an update here and couldn't have picked a new day better than today. If you had read my old posts or following me on Twitter, you might already know how I feel about this project. It's a fun project I put tog…


Changelog Issue #5 - Added Websites leaderboard, Removed Uptime monitoring

This feature was in beta for a couple of weeks and worked great for my websites but there was not much interest from others. So dropping this feature.This feature is also a process intense one since have to ping websites every minute.If you are already a PRO …


Product Hunt Launch to domain page - Issue #4

🚀 New feature: Ability to add Product Hunt launches to your domain page📣 A "Launched" button would show up if you add product hunt post URL🔗 Here is the first product to use this new feature: https://highscore.domains/sketch.ws


Profile pages, Dashboard for domains - Issue #3

So finally profile page is shipped! All your domains will be shown in a nice profile page now.Each domain has its own page too. Have a look at one of the domain page: https://highscore.domains/notyouruser.comReached 100 entries and now there is an entry fee o…


Changelog, Updates, Stats and some Thoughts - Issue #2

Redesigned leaderboard page with a small animation when hovering over each entry.Added a new section Domain Hunt which has "Newly Added", "This Week" and "Popular"Patron plan is now HIGHSCORE PRO Early Customer with $24/yearAdded a Suggestions pageShipped Dar…


Beginning of HIGHSCORE.domains and the future - Issue #1

Hi there 👋Rinas here.I'm a software developer and for the past one month, I usually try to work at least one hour a day on HIGHSCORE.domains after my day job.Since this is the first issue, here is a little backstory about Highscore domains 😁Note: Here is what…