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A clear new beginning - Issue #6

In short: It’s a fun leaderboard to see who owns more domains. That’s it. No more trying to add saas-like tools.

Let's start by wishing a Happy New Year 🥳
Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a while I wrote an update here and couldn’t have picked a new day better than today.
If you had read my old posts or following me on Twitter, you might already know how I feel about this project.
It’s a fun project I put together (initially a form as I mentioned on the 1st issue). Since it got a little bit of traction, I thought of adding some tools, features to see if I can monetize. Then it didn’t feel right and I have been talking about that dilemma ever since I tried to do that.
Even tweeted about a few upcoming features and some of them were in beta
rinas 🧑‍💻
🚀 Launching over next couple of months in

🕵️ Know when someone mention your domain on social media
🏷 Mark a domain for sale (with a landing page)
🤩 Member curated websites
🚨Know when your site is down
✍️ A minimalist blogging platform

But I’m done. I’m not doing those. There are a couple of reasons
  1. Not enough time left after my day job
  2. It never felt quite right. It added complexity for me to market it properly. Right now it’s simple. It’s a fun leaderboard to see who owns more domains. That’s it.
  3. Haven’t got the v1 launched for Hifive yet. Since it’s a new framework (flutter), I have to spend more time than the web projects.
So what's next?
I do have some features in my for people who have lots of domains on their profile page. Something like “Lists” or “Collections” so you can group them better.
We can also make use of Collections for something like “List of apps I use”, “List of 5 blogs I subscribed to”, etc.
Just something I have been thinking about. No timeline on when that would happen. As I said earlier, my main focus now is to get 1st version of Hifive released.
How do I make 💵?
I’ve brought back the entry fee of $10. It’s not huge but I like to keep price tags since nothing is free. It would help me cover server costs and reduce spam submissions.
So that's it
So that’s it. No fancy updates or announcements. Just wanted to give an update on what’s going on. Have a great year ahead!
- Rinas
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rinas @highscore_d

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