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Beginning of and the future - Issue #1

Hi there 👋
Rinas here.
I’m a software developer and for the past one month, I usually try to work at least one hour a day on after my day job.
Since this is the first issue, here is a little backstory about Highscore domains 😁
Note: Here is what I did for this newsletter and I think I messed up 😭
  • Signed up for Revue
  • Imported all emails from the database to Revue
  • There is an option GDPR Consent where I can ask to get consent from everyone before start sending emails.
  • Then set up a custom domain -
  • Then changed the custom domain -
  • At this point, I’m not really sure when I initiated the consent. I think I broke the links sent on the consent by changing the custom domain.
  • Now I have resubscribed everyone back manually for each person hoping everyone got the mail again.
  • I’m not really sure if you got the mail, how much mail broke, or if you are getting this email without confirmation. Please unsubscribe if this email is an unexpected entry in your inbox and you won’t hear from me again.
  • I’m deeply sorry for this. I should test these more before trying them out in mass.
About HIGHSCORE domains:
I started working on few side projects earlier this year as a hack to improve my coding skills.
(hold your breath, it’s a long ride - first and for the last time! Future editions will be short and sweet. I promise 😇)
This soon lead to series of domain name purchases.
Right now I have 11 domain names which I thought was too much. (but later came to know I’m nothing compared to others who got hundreds of domains)
So the obvious instinct was to “let’s make a website to find out who owns more domains” 🤷
and hence was born.
Feature #0 - Entry
I was just a form (using Typeform) to ask people how many domains they own and their email addresses. So that I can send them a login link once the website and the leaderboard are ready.
Thanks to JR, Centralized Coin was just launched and the reward for the first 20 submissions was 10 centralized coins. 💸
Here is a fun experiment using @TheBuilderJR's CC 😁

How many domains do you own currently?
I'll send 10 @CentralizedCoin coins to the first 20 submissions:
I was surprised to see it picking up and got some entries. That gave me a dopamine effect and whipped up a website using Rails and Tailwind UI.
Feature #1 - Leaderboard
Now Typeform is gone and we have a website with a leaderboard and shows how many domains people own. (yes, people. I hate to call “users”)
At this point, I started tweeting about the updates I ship almost daily
Fun fact: Avatar colors change each time you reload the page:
Look at the current count in the leaderboard 😱
Thanks to everyone who participated and sent DM to verify their domain count 😇
Josh (@joshmanders), I was awestruck to learn you had more than 100 domains! (later came to know he had more than 500 in the past 🤯)
Feature #1.5 - Gold Sponsor
This is not really a feature but something I shipped and added to the website.
ie, allow people to showcase their product. I wasn’t sure how or where to add this. So picked a card template from the Tailwind UI and added two cards above the leader board and called it “Gold sponsor slot, showcase your product here”
📣 Huge shoutout to Anthony Lee (@justanthonylee) who purchased the first slot. If you are reading this – Thanks, Anthony 😇🤩🙏 it really kept me motivated to work on highscore more.
Later this is changed to Pro Membership using Flurly (yes, from the same maker of the Centralized Coin - JR)
Slowly it picked up and there were few dramas along the way:
So Gumroad just suspended the account ⛔️

All single purchases and memberships are refunded.

JUST LIKE THAT! [they must be a fan of thanos]
Almost forgot, I also joined 100in100 challenge (by Anthony Castrio ) at this point 😎
Feature #2 - Domains
Recently I added a section where we can showcase your domain name.
I’m still working on this, fine-tuning, changing layout, enabled links for members.
Here is the current version:
How it started:
🚀 New feature: "💰Fancy Ones"

✨ Here is a contest to kick this off:
1⃣ Comment below your domain name
2⃣ I'll list it under where people can vote
3⃣ Domains with more upvotes gets 1000

The contest ends on April 30 11:59 PM PST
Feature #3 - ?
While I’m still tinkering with feature #2 (aka domains page), I have a few thoughts/ideas on what to work on next
  • Since we have around 40 domains listed, alert domain owners when the website is down? (call it Alert or Monitor?)
  • An “Under Construction” or “Work In Progress” page for domains that are bought recently?
  • What else? Let me know via email reply what else you think would be a fun/useful feature?
Why this newsletter?
I have been posting updates via Twitter in below thread but there are few others who signed up in the website and doesn’t have or use Twitter and hence this newsletter via email. Upcoming changes/updates will be mainly via this newsletter.
🚀 Shipped: Added the ability to add domain names and upvote them!

👉 Next: Ability to update, delete domain name from the list.
See you soon! (or in the newsletter world I should say see you less often!)
Special Thanks 😇
Special thanks to @HeyArav, @austinthemaker, @joshmanders, Adrian (from Ehlo and I don’t have his Twitter profile) for the feedback via DM, Twitter, and for helping spread the word about HIGHSCORE domains. 🙏
The reason you can add links to your verified entry is because of a tweet from @HeyArav
⠕ Arav is amazing
@onerinas Here's an idea,

If you click name it goes to a profile or link provided by the person
≋Josh≋ 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 ☁️ ᴘʀɪᴍᴄʟᴏᴜᴅ.ᴄᴏᴍ
@austinthemaker @onerinas Then you can make it viral by creating a twitter account that will auto tweet people adding to the list, and if someone else overtakes 1st place notify that person.
(I still haven’t implemented the half of awesome ideas they suggested 😅)
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rinas @highscore_d

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