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Changelog, Updates, Stats and some Thoughts - Issue #2

👋 Hey, Rinas here.
This issue has Changelog, Updates, Stats and some Thoughts

  1. Redesigned leaderboard page with a small animation when hovering over each entry.
  2. Added a new section Domain Hunt which has “Newly Added”, “This Week” and “Popular”
  3. Patron plan is now HIGHSCORE PRO Early Customer with $24/year
  4. Added a Suggestions page
  5. Shipped Dark mode
  6. Moved the app from to AWS and uses Cloud66 for DevOps.
  1. Launched on Product Hunt
  2. was #10 of the day on PH and included in their Newsletter
  3. Three PRO customers after the launch. We had 7 customers in total. Lost 2 customers when we transitioned from Gumroad to Flurly. Now we have 5 paying customers with early adopter pricing.
  4. When someone submits a screenshot for verification, started asking for feedback about Features on this Airtable form:
  5. Started using for posting regular minor updates for HIGHSCORE
  6. Started writing posts on One about how Buying a new domain is not the way to start your side project and another one about how I added dark mode using Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS
Product Hunt Week
Month of May posts with HIGHSCORE mentioned in it
  • 😇 I’m super happy about how the Product Hunt launch turned out. Huge thanks to everyone for the support and I feel grateful for the same. It gave me a boost to prepare properly for the next launch
  • ✍️ Started writing posts on and its driving traffic after the Product Hunt launch. (I’m actually surprised by this. Not sure about the conversion but already got around 2K views for very short three posts) This feels like a long term strategy
  • 💲 Someone mentioned that I might want to increase the HIGHSCORE PRO Early Customer plan. Especially because it’s an early plan. What do you think?
  • 👨‍🔬 I’m still not satisfied with the Domain Hunt page. If you have unused domains that potentially want to sell to others or just want to showcase your product, it’s not super clear from the Domain Hunt page what it is about. I think it’s causing confusion. I’ll try to give an update on this on the next issue. Please do let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas on this. Replying to this email should work.
See you on soon, have a great week ahead, bye 👋
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rinas @highscore_d

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